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Sales Attitude Course
Every business winner has one thing in common: a YES! Attitude that's powerful enough to help them achieve the impossible!
Networking Course
In this course, you'll find secrets uncovered, myths dispelled, and hundreds of ways to interact, connect, and score.
Getting Past The Gatekeeper Course
This course will give you the 10 ways to get past the gatekeeper and into the sale.
Overcoming Objections Course
This course will show you how to overcome objections in your presentation before the prospect raises it.
Closing Business
The close is a delicate balance between your words and actions and the prospect's thoughts and perceptions. Here's how to ask for the sale and get it!
Value First
Delivering value first is the ultimate price-comparison weapon and the ultimate sales-winning philosophy.
  • Preparation 
  • Prospecting
  • Appointment Setting 
  •  Emotional Engagement/Asking Emotional Questions
  •  Listening 
  •  Buying Motives
  •  Compelling Presentations 
  •  Pipeline
  • Relationship Building 
  • Heat of the Sale 
  •  Emotional Resilience
  •  Follow up and Follow Through 
  •  Asking for and Earning Referrals
  •  Testimonials
  •  Customer Loyalty 
  •  Personal Development  
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For the past six weeks I have been taking courses on the Gitomer Learning Academy and my sales have skyrocketed (they're up 40%!). My biggest mistake was not signing up sooner. Jeffrey delivers his information in true Jeffrey style- it's engaging, fun and funny and makes you want to take action.
Mark C.
I'm all about sales, but I am also all about personal development. The Gitomer Learning Academy gives me real world lessons that I can learn from and bank on. Thank you, Jeffrey!
Ashley N.
Thanks again for reaching out, it was great having the opportunity to speak with you Jeffrey. I want you two to know that we have signed up for the learning academy and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Keep up the good work! We truly appreciate your honesty and commitment to practicing what you preach.
Paul B.
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Success Yourself
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  • 1000+ hours of Gitomer Content
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  •  1000+ hours of Gitomer Content
  •  Gitomer Sales Assessment and Certification included
  •  Access to all future content
  •  Priority Academy Support
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Here's a few that are Frequently Asked...
Why is The Gitomer Learning Academy an Annually Recurring Subscription?
Answer:  Jeffrey Gitomer is consistently adding new content to the Learning Academy. As a subscriber, you will receive periodic emails announcing your updated content within the platform. Instead of a one time charge, the subscription to the Learning Academy costs $995 per year per person  for an ever-growing subscription that keeps on giving. NOTE: You may cancel your subscription any time prior to your renewal date by emailing
 Can I Buy Multiple Subscriptions for my Sales Team?
Answer:  Yes. If you are a sales manager or if you want to buy multiple subscriptions so everyone has their own login and password to the Gitomer Learning Academy, please contact our Director of Sales Success.  My team is standing by if you have any questions.
What is Included in The Learning Academy?
Answer:  The Gitomer Learning Academy is the most in-depth sales training and sales building tool in the world that can benefit every salesperson in every profession. There are hundreds of hours of video courses that are foundational to your success and included in the Learning Academy! 
After I Purchase, How do I set up my Account?
Answer: The Gitomer team will set up your account and all of your teams accounts within 24 hours. All of you will receive an email with individual login instructions once it is set up. We work hard to set you up sooner than 24 hours, because we are just as excited for you to get started as you are!
Looking for corporate training for your team?
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